Bergamot Essential Oil

Bergamot Essential Oil

Bergamot Essential Oil of Reggio Calabria

The real and pure Bergamot E. O.

Many are familiar with bergamot products, or products made with Reggio Calabria bergamot.

For example for everyone:
There is no production in the world similar to that of Reggio Calabria, the essence of bergamot is the basis for the creation of natural perfumes. 86% of natural perfumes in the world are created with bergamot essential oil from Reggio Calabria.

The AICAL Association and the producers

As with the major perfume majors in the world, the AICAL associated producers guarantee the essence obtained.
The modern production process allows us to optimize the quality. The bergamot essence is subjected to chemical analyzes and stored in special steel containers. It will be distributed in sealed and labeled drums.

Bergamot E. O.

We export the original and pure essence of bergamot all over the world for every business need.

essential oil of bergamot

pure, essential oil of bergamot

Bergamot Essential Oil.

we can supply Pure Bergamot E. O. (Citrus bergamia):
– Bergamot essential oil distillate
– Bergamot essential oil bleached
– Bergamot essential oil deterpenated
– Bergamot essential oil organic
– Bergamot essential oil defurocoumarinized

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