Bergastatina powdered bergamot extract

Bergastatina powdered bergamot extract

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Bergastatina powdered bergamot extract is the innovative and safe answer to the needs of cholesterol control and immune defenses.

Bergastatina powdered bergamot extract

AICAL has developed a production method evaluated by the Mediterranean University of Reggio Calabria for the creation of a stable product with high chemical components that allows the use of the powder, bergamot flour – BERGASTATINA – in various sectors.

Dry extract of Bergamot Bergastatina “AICAL Method”

The dry extract of bergamot – Bergastatina, is made from citrus fruits produced without the use of fertilizers or pesticides. A natural product transformed without the aid of thickeners, dyes, preservatives. The intense aroma and consistency indicate its use in the most varied agri-food, nutraceutical and “green” chemical industry.

Bergastatina in the medical and pharmacological fields

The dry extract of Calabrian bergamot with “AICAL method” Bergastatina can be used for a concrete help to the health of the cardiovascular system thanks to the positive impact on cholesterol and metabolism.

Bergastatina can therefore be used by the pharmaceutical industries for the realization of specific supplements in case of intolerance to statins and in association with cardiovascular therapy.

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